Rocking horse for grown-ups

3 04 2007

Nerd Approved reports that Celery Furniture is now making adult-sized rocking horses. Made of bamboo, the ‘horse’ retails from $725-1165 depending on options. Hate to think what it would do to your floor.

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2 responses

5 04 2007

I have a adult size rocking horse! I was joking around with a friend of mine about how I wish I had an adult sized rocking horse. He made child size ones for church auctions. Well, that Christmas he made me one. It is now a family rocking horse and it’s beautiful. It looks like a beautifully handcrafted rocking horse though, not like the one in the picture. It will be in my family for years I hope.

18 10 2009
Lynda Menezes

I have a 15 year old daughter with Autism and Down Syndrome. She loves to rock more than anything else. She outgrew her rocker years ago. Desperate for a toy that interests her and stimulates her. Please contact me with information on this incredible toy. I have asked many people to build us one with no luck. This would do great things for kids with physical and mental disabilities. Please contact me with pricing infor. Thank You, Lynda

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