Bridlepath will be hosting the next Horse Lovers Blog Carnival

4 04 2007

Five Horses ( standing ), originally uploaded by eyecaramba.

The next Blog Carnival will be hosted here on April 25th; that means I’ll need your submissions by April 24th, 10 p.m. EDT. I was thinking it might be fun to do a “five things” theme; what say you? Of course, submissions are welcome for any equine-related topic, and it needn’t just be horses! Donkeys, mules etc. are great too. Submit up to two posts here.

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6 responses

5 04 2007
Horse Approved » Blog Archive » Next Horse Lover’s Blog Carnival At BridlePath April 25th

[…] Please don’t include more than 2. If you have any questions you can contact me or Doe from BridlePath. Your […]

7 04 2007

Five things, huh, ok, I’ll have to think on it for a while, but five it is. Should be able to get something figured out in time.

13 04 2007

5 things? like a list of 5 of anything?

14 04 2007

sorry i’m not up to date with this

what is a blog carnival? and can i take part also whats involved?



23 04 2007
Horse Approved » Blog Archive » Don’t Forget The Horse Lover’s Blog Carnival! -Submission Deadline 4-24-07

[…] horse lovers can never read to much about horses ;). This month’s carnival will be hosted by Bridlepath. We still need a host for May so if you are interested please contact […]

3 06 2007
Local Hosting

Hmm, what exactly is a blog carnival. First I’ve heard this phrase.

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