Equine art and artists in Florida

5 04 2007

Juliet God, I hate reporters and their stupid horse puns…

Mr. Ed had a pretty good gig in the olden days — some say a mouthful of peanut butter made the horse a star. But even in his heyday, the famous talking horse had nothing on a trio of equine artists now making their marks on the art world.

Using their mouths to wield oversized brushes, the horses make broad, looping and sometimes erratic strokes on oversized canvases to create colorful abstract paintings.

Romeo and Juliet, a pair of Paso Finos, and DaVinci, a mixed-breed pinto, were unknowns just a few years ago, but now their art is getting noticed.

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It’s off-topic, I know…

5 04 2007

but I still think this should be mandatory.

Horses take over American streets

5 04 2007

This LA gang member refused to give a statement. Image source

Hmm, you don’t think they’re organizing something, do you? Two horses and two ponies escaped from a stable in the southwest Compton area of Los Angeles around 1 a.m., prompting LA County sheriff’s deputies to round them up. Meanwhile, in Chicago, stray horses blocked State Route 59 near North Avenue in the western suburb, authorities said. The road had to be closed for a short time. Finally, an Alabama woman was charged with DUI (RUI?) after using her horse to ram a police car.

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Extreme makeover, horse edition

5 04 2007

Trainers from across America are invited to participate in the “Extreme Mustang Makeover”. Trainers will pick up the Mustangs at either the Fallon Facility in Nevada or the Paul’s Valley facility near Oklahoma City. They will have the Mustangs in training until Saturday, September 22, 2007. On that date trainers will compete with their Mustang for $25,000 in prize money at the Will Rogers Equestrian Center in Fort Worth, Texas. The trained Mustangs will be judged on conditioning, groundwork and a “Horse Course” which represents maneuvers and obstacles found in trail and recreational riding situations.All mustangs participating in the Makeover event will be available for adoption to the public on Sunday, September 23rd. Link

I dunno about this…but the mustangs will be worked with all summer, so it shouldn’t be a high-pressure situation. Anyone out there thinking of giving this a whirl?

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