Sabotage attempt on Spirit of the Horse show

15 04 2007


A Cossack rider practises before the Spirit Of The Horse event in York in 2005

Animal rights activists could be behind an attempt to sabotage a show featuring performing horses, organisers fear.

Spirit Of The Horse is described as a theatre show which features attractions including Mongolian stunt riders, Spanish dancing horses and “dance, singers and hilarious equine antics.”

The organisers of the extravaganza, which comes to York at the end of April, have been displaying posters advertising the show in shops and businesses in York and the surrounding area.

Free children’s tickets have also been delivered to areas so that those who may not normally be able to afford to go and see the show can do so.

But two unknown women have been visiting those places which are displaying the posters and telling the proprietors that the show has been cancelled and the animals impounded by the RSPCA. But the organisers say nothing could be further from the truth. Link

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2 responses

15 04 2007

Bet those same ladies are wearing leather shoes……….

16 04 2007

Me too! People are so wierd sometimes!

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