Quiz: How well do you understand horse talk?

18 04 2007

Horses, originally uploaded by P Henson.

Take this interactive test from horses.about.com.


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6 responses

18 04 2007

What beautiful creatures. I can’t wait to buy my ranch.

19 04 2007

I thought this was going to be on the language of horses and it was our language regarding horses. Neat pic!

2 10 2007
Patrick henson

Just wondering why you’re using my photo without my permission? It was not just originally uploaded by me, but I took the photo. If you’ll look on my Flickr profile, you’ll see that I request you ask permission to use my photos before you blog them. Please get back with me on this matter.

3 09 2008

What about appaloosas, can you tell me where to find out colour genetics and variations for potential breeding ?

15 02 2012

i love that picture so what if they didn’t ask permission to use it ITS JUST A FUCKING PHOTO

15 02 2012

sorry about that my brother done that 🙂 im very sorry

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