Pergolide going off the market?

19 04 2007


The FDA withdrawal of the drug Pergolide was out of concern for the side-effects in humans. What you may not know is that thousands of horses rely on Pergolide to control what is commonly called Equine Cushing’s Disease. If the FDA does not make Pergolide available for veterinary use, many horses could suffer.

Read more at Cassie’s Story.

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2 responses

8 05 2007
Sherri Soper

The FDA appears to be nothing to resolve this issue……… Horses will deteriorate quickly without PERGOLIDE…..
Those of us with Cushing’s Horses need everyone’s help to push the FDA into simply exempting PERGOLIDE – allowing it to be compounded for veterinary perscription – PLEASE SEE THE BLOG

11 05 2007
Pergolide update: still allowed for horses! « Bridlepath

[…] couple of weeks ago I told y’all that Pergolide, commonly prescribed to help horses with Cushings, was in danger of being pulled […]

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