Quiz: what colour horse would you be?

19 04 2007

Apparently I’m buckskin.

You would be a buckskin horse. Yellow-ish but always with a brown mane. Very rare but very pretty
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Now remember, kids, that means I’m black + cream + agouti. 😉

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10 responses

20 04 2007

Grey. Apparently, emos are grey.

25 04 2007

Unless, of course, you have a line down your back, in which case you would be a dun.

25 04 2007
29 04 2007

Apparently I am a black horse… hmm my real horse is black too^^

30 04 2007
The science of spots « Bridlepath

[…] Quiz: what colour horse would you be? Horse colour demystified: the dun gene […]

6 11 2007

I am a Pinto!!

30 12 2007

yeahhhhhhhhhh………i’m a grey(white) horse pretty but i wanted buckskin my favy!:-( 🙂 LOL! i think i should be a brown horse!

3 03 2009
Pet Doctor’s Blog » Blog Archive » Another breakthrough in colour genetics (or, if you prefer, “They’ve more or less dun it”)

[…] Quiz: what colour horse would you be? Horse colour demystified: the dun gene […]

5 01 2011

I’m my fave palomino YAY!

21 08 2011
Elaine Mackay

Oh boy what colour horse would I be…Why I’d be a Blue Roan. They are mystic looking, smart and very pretty to look at.There are several shades of Blue.Mine would be the brightest…

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