Horses lead humans in stem cell treatment

25 04 2007

A tip of my ASTM-approved hat to timethief for this story from Reuters:

Stem cell therapy may be controversial in human medicine but in the world of horse racing it is becoming the odds-on favorite for tackling tendon damage, which accounts for one in three racecourse injuries.

Soon the same technology could be applied to humans.

Smith, who is professor of equine orthopedics at the Royal Veterinary College north of London, believes there is every chance his pioneering technique to get horses back on form will work in human athletes too.

Before you get all screamy on me: the RVC is using cells harvested from bone marrow, not fetal cells, so if this works in humans it can sidestep a great many ethical and political issues. Having said that, I’m sure some jobsworth will find a reason to obstruct it…

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Drunk man rides horse into bank

25 04 2007

Ach du liebe!

A drunk German horse rider rode into a bank foyer to sleep for the night, after having one too many for the road during a stopover at his local beergarden.

Wolfgang Heinrich, 40, from the German town Wiesenburg, had been riding with his Haflinger horse Sammy when he stopped to have a drink with friends.

But when he left the pub he realised he was too drunk to ride all the way home – and because it was cold, he decided to use his bank card to open up a nearby bank foyer and take himself and Sammy inside to sleep it off.

Heinrich and his horse were found in the early hours of the morning by local man Stephan Hanelt, 36, who came to the bank to take out some money.

He said: ‘It was a bit of a shock to find a man and a horse asleep in the foyer of the bank. I rang the police straight away.’

Heinrich was let off with a warning and rode home. But bank staff were less than impressed when they arrived and had to clean up after the horse, who had left a deposit of his own on the foyer floor. Link

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Horse Lovers Blog Carnival

25 04 2007

Welcome to the April 25, 2007 edition of horse lovers blog carnival.

Five horses

Image source

The submitter’s comments appear after their entries. The link for this carnival:


risingrainbow presents Horse Owners Are You Aware of National Animal Identification System? 5 Reasons Why You Should Be! posted at MiKael’s Mania – Arabian Horses. “With implementation already taking place in some states, horse owners need to be aware of the National Animal Identification System. Is this something that’s good for us or is Big Brother taking over our lives? Learn about this goverment program before it takes over your life. A must read for anyone who owns or even loves horses.”

Chris Bonnell presents Seeking the Perfect Youth Horse posted at Real Horses Weigh a Ton. “Seeking the Perfect Youth Horse – 5 requirements. Who would have thought that it would be so hard?”

Girls Horse Club presents Five Things: What Goes Down Must Come Up posted at Blog.

Kerri-Jo Stewart presents Golden Dreams – Our Akhal-Tekes posted at Golden Dreams – Our Akhal-Tekes. “Here are our 5 amazing new Akhal-Tekes!”

Girls Horse Club presents Five Things: Benefits from Horse Riding posted at Blog. “This entry was written by Madelaina, age 11.”

Halt Near X presents Five Things I’ve Learned posted at Halt Near X.

Sarah presents Five Degrees Fahrenheit posted at Scary’s West.

Chris presents You know you’re a horse addict if….. posted at Real Horses Weigh a Ton.

Sarah presents Five Degrees Fahrenheit posted at Scary’s West.

Tracey Westubry presents Five Things posted at Mustang Diaries.

Kelly presents 5 Great Ways to Improve your Riding posted at Every Rider.


Fran Jurga presents Horse Hauler’s Nightmare in New York City posted at The Jurga Report: Horse Health Headlines. “This story horrified me on the news because it was a road I knew, an elevated highway that is a continuation of New York’s George Washington Bridge. I can’t imagine being stuck up there and knowing an animal was injured. And there was no happy ending.”

PFI Western Store presents PFI Raffles Off a $10,000 John Wayne Saddle!!! posted at PFI Western Store | News.

Kay Lemley presents Welcome Spring posted at Real Horses Weigh a Ton. “I loved the humour and enjoyed reading the writer’s plight that all horse owners have at this time of year — hairy and muddy beasts.”

GP presents Wordless Dance posted at Fish Creek House – INNside Innkeeping. “The great teachers that horses are…teaching us how to dance.”

Kerri-Jo Stewart presents The Importance of Dam Lines in Breeding posted at Golden Dreams – Our Akhal-Tekes. “With Akhal-Tekes the horse lines are tracked by the sire line; however, it is the dam line that carries the genetics.”

alsoran presents Santa Anita Derby Day 5k posted at “Music for horse lovers.”

Equuschick presents The Common Room: A Picture of a Celebrity posted at The Common Room. “Look who the Equuschick got to see!”

Mikki Hooven presents One Year With Valentine posted at Our First Horse.

Bill presents Au naturel, hairy legs and all posted at Our First Horse.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of horse lovers blog carnival using our carnival submission form.

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