Horses lead humans in stem cell treatment

25 04 2007

A tip of my ASTM-approved hat to timethief for this story from Reuters:

Stem cell therapy may be controversial in human medicine but in the world of horse racing it is becoming the odds-on favorite for tackling tendon damage, which accounts for one in three racecourse injuries.

Soon the same technology could be applied to humans.

Smith, who is professor of equine orthopedics at the Royal Veterinary College north of London, believes there is every chance his pioneering technique to get horses back on form will work in human athletes too.

Before you get all screamy on me: the RVC is using cells harvested from bone marrow, not fetal cells, so if this works in humans it can sidestep a great many ethical and political issues. Having said that, I’m sure some jobsworth will find a reason to obstruct it…

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One response

1 09 2009
Tiffany McInnes

There is a new product out also called StemEquine that has been doing some incredible things for horses in the racing, eventing and rodeo scene’s. StemEquine is an Adult Stem Cell Enhancer that releases Adult Stem Cells from the horses bone marrow which then circulate, seeking out stressed, injured or tired tissue cells and renewing them. The current world champion and olympic gold medalist sponsors this product for what it did to/for her horse. You can read more about it on my website . There are enhancers for people and for dogs and athletes which are all having some incredible results!

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