World’s oldest twin horses?

2 05 2007

Bill and Ben

From BBC Kids:

Are Bill and Ben the oldest twin horses in the world? The 24-year-old brothers are hoping to trot into the record books with their claim to the title.

Although twins aren’t uncommon in the human world, experts say it is really unusual for twin foals to be born.

The Veteran Horse Society, which looks after Bill and Ben, is asking Guinness Records to check out their claim.

The twins used to give rides to kids at London Zoo but are now retired and living near Cardigan in Wales.

Veteran Horse Society spokesperson Julianne Aston, said the boys are so similar it can be hard to tell them apart.

She said: “They are so alike that we have tie a blue ribbon in one of their manes so we can distinguish between them.”

The horses, which have white hair and blue eyes, enjoy snacking on carrots, apples and are given sugar-free mints as a treat!

Julianne added: “They are great with us, but they seem to argue and bicker between themselves and often have temper tantrums. I suppose they’re similar to human brothers.”

Guinness is investigating their claim and the brothers will soon find out if they’ve set a new record.

What a sweet pair of cremellos! The VHS must take good care of their critters; Bill and Ben’s stablemate Sugar Puff, a Shetland/Exmoor cross foaled in 1951, is the world’s oldest pony. I’ll see if I can rumble up a photo of him for a future post.
Ben and Bill

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6 responses

1 02 2008

WOW. that’s all i can say, not only does this owner have two horses with beautiful bodies, strong necks and over-all look healthy… their twins!!! These guys must be great horses. They’re like 2 dream horses but real. I have a my own horse which i love soo much so i know when i say this, you either got double trouble or 2 angels! Give them some carrots for me. I hope they break the record

– S.S

26 02 2008

i think they should be in the book how kool would that be i hope they do make it in the guiness world records book it would be cool to have a horse in the big book

21 08 2008

I’ve met them both before :] They’re really sweet
It’d be great if they went in the book =D

25 01 2009
nancy Breaux

so ccccuuuute and sweet put them in the newspaper.

20 03 2009

that si so kool i would love too meet them some day

20 03 2009

where do Ben and Bill live

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