Animal heroes

9 05 2007

ribbon Three dogs and a cat were recently inducted into Purina’s Animal Hall of Fame for feats of bravery and determination that saved lives. Since 1978, the Hall of Fame has celebrated 129 critters: 106 dogs, 22 cats…and one horse, in 1978:

INDIAN RED, Morgan/Quarter Horse, is the first and only horse to be inducted into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame. He drew attention to a helpless 77-year-old woman who had collapsed and fallen in a snow-covered ditch on a country road one dark winter night.

Have you heard of any other lifesaving horses or daring feats? Bridlepath would love to hear from you!

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One response

10 05 2007

I think my gelding, Dandy, is a hero. He obviously got injuried himself because he saved me in a fall. I have a new respect for him, I can tell you.

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