Oh, come ON

9 05 2007

That's really convincing. NOT.

From Spluch:

The owner of this “Zebra” claims that it’s from Africa and was charging 5 bucks per ride. Many parents claim that from one look they can tell that it’s a white horse with black stripes painted on it, but they don’t complain since their children are having a great time.

I suppose it’s harmless so long as everyone’s happy…

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3 responses

9 05 2007

Talk about your “painted ponies”.

10 05 2007

what next? In 20 years the kids will come back and sue saying they were traumatized by some kid making fun of them because they rode a fake zebra. lol

11 05 2007

omg Mikael. Im laughing HARD over your comment!! and it will probably be some illegal in the country illegally using govt’ funds to sue the govt’ they are getting the funds from!!

anyhow, I think the pony is cute and Id let me Wee One ride it and tell him it was a zebra. Heck, hes 3—-he doesnt know the difference,maybe unless it whinnied. Hes seen enough of the discovery channel to know zebras have an odd whinny.

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