9 05 2007

Hey, it was the closest thing I could find

Passover mazot for celiac patients, rabbinical supervision via the internet, vodka with non-kosher dairy components and second-rate Chinese seafood as kosher shrimps – these are only some of the gastronomic innovations discussed at the four-day-long kosher convention recently held in Jerusalem at the Renaissance Hotel.

Representatives and Rabbis from 40 countries attended the convention, which was organized by the kashrut institute Maskil L’David.

The goal of the convention was to exchange information and share opinions about innovations in food technology, and to set new standards with regards to how to deal with genetic engineering of food products.

Rabbi Akiva Yosef Padwa, a world renowned expert on the kashrut of alcoholic beverages, shared his recently acquired knowledge of some alcohol factories mixing horse milk into drinks. Link (via Days That End in Y)

My mother spent a lot of time on a farm when she was a teen, and loves to tell me about the times she tasted mare’s milk, which is apparently rather sweet and not unlike Carnation.

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10 05 2007

I couldn’t figure out where this was going and what in the heck it had to do with horses. Guess I should have known. lol

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