19th nervous breakdown averted

11 05 2007

Remember all the hoo-hah about the Rolling Stones playing at a Belgrade racecourse and concerns over the possible effects on the horses stabled there? This just in: the band have agreed to a change of venue:

THE Rolling Stones have asked to change the venue for a concert in Belgrade to spare hundreds of horses a potentially traumatic experience.

The 14 July concert was due to be held at the Serbian capital’s Hippodrome racetrack until Orca, an animal protection society, complained that the noise would traumatise the 300 horses kept in nearby stables.

The situation became heated after media reports that the animals would be sedated to keep them calm during the concert.

“The concert will not take place on the Hippodrome,” said Raka Maric, the manager of Music Star Production. In a letter to Orca, the organisers said they had been victims of bad publicity.

“The Rolling Stones’ band members are great animal lovers,” Mr Maric said in the letter. “We didn’t manage to convince the Stones’ management that the concert would not harm the horses.” Link

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