Do you recognize this horse?

11 05 2007

Mystery horse

Have you seen this horse?

That’s the question the North Middleton Police Department (Pennsylvania) is asking after an officer found it prancing up Spring Road near the Turkey Hill convenience store earlier this week.

Now, the department is searching for the answer to where the mysterious horse came from.

“We have yet to find the owner,” said Chief Jeffrey Rudolph. “And no one has reported it missing.”

Rudolph said Officer Dan Fiber was patrolling Route 34 around 4:30 p.m. Sunday when he saw the animal running northbound up the highway. Link

Love how either the cops have no idea how to identify the horse’s sex, or the reporter didn’t think to ask.

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Do you recognize these horses?

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One response

12 05 2007

a small brown male, I wonder if hes gelded? it doesnt say. I also read the horse was frightened of people, maybe whoever owns him doesnt WANT to claim him…..

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