California man rides around the world for charity

14 05 2007


Ezra Cooley (awesome name for a cowboy btw) and his horse Big Red are on a 27,000 mile around the world ride. He is in his second year of what he expects to take eight years, raising funds for the National Children’s Cancer Society. At the moment they’re near Binghamton, NY, headed for New York City and then a boat to Spain. Link

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28 05 2007

this guy is absolutly wonderful. he has a website that journals sighting of him across the country. he is currently lining up an escort for the streets of manhatten nyc. (wish i could have seen him riding across the hudson.) since reading about this amazing story on bridlepath, i tracked him down and he is keeping my listeners updated on his trek starting last sat. more people should get to know this man. he is truly inspirational. i was so moved by his story, i personally called purina, nutrena, aqha and apha to try and get him a major sponsor. he has been working his way across the country shoeing and odds and end farm help. any money he earns he splits between grain and hay for the horses and the childrens cancer fund. hopefully one of these companies will pick him up. it would only be to their benefit. not to mention, i dont want the horses having to eat old deer food again because that was all that was available. if anyone has any ideas or just words of encouragment, let him know…he really does listen… he is the real deal.

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