Gorgeous horse photos at Óndago Arts Photo Blog

15 05 2007

Rescued mustang

Some talented equine photographers paid a visit to Redwings Horse Sanctuary recently and took some gorgeous pictures. Go check ’em out!

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Book review: Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen

15 05 2007

Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen
Too Many Books, So Little Time! (amen, sister) is chock fulla great book news and reviews, so of course your ‘umble correspondent had to see if she had anything for us horse lovers. Lo and behold, Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen. Crystal gives it a thumbs up; read her review.

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Manure dumped at Ramsay’s restaurant

15 05 2007

manure.jpgCelebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s Claridge’s restaurant has had a tonne of horse manure dumped on its doorstep.

Protesters from the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) were demonstrating against the chef cooking horse meat on his TV programme The F-Word. (BBC)

Is it just me or do PETA tend to just make a given situation worse?

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Twin foals born in Georgia

15 05 2007

It’s a boy! *And* a girl!

TWH mare Delight’s Rusty Dust recently gave birth to twins in Habersham County, Georgia. Skrunch, the filly, weighs about twenty pounds while her brother Munch is around fifty.

The chances of a twin pregnancy in a mare coming to term are slim. Having both foals survive is a “miracle,” according to Denise Coleman who, with her husband, Lamar Coleman, breeds Tennessee Walking Horses at LaReina Ranch on the outskirts of Cornelia…Coleman is seeking raw goat’s milk to help feed Skrunch. She asks anyone who is willing to donate to contact her.

Read more about them here, or visit the farm’s website here. MiKael at Rising Rainbow has raised Arabian twins, and you can read more about her little cuties here.

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Race horse research unit will be closing in Newmarket

15 05 2007

thoroughbredhorse203.jpgThe BBC reports that the Equine Fertility Unit at Newmarket will be closing due to funding issues. Ten jobs will be lost and eighty horses put down. In the past, the EFU produced the first test-tube foal in Europe, and said it needed guaranteed funding of £450,000 a year for the next decade to continue its work.

The Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association, which funds the unit using cash from the Horse Race Betting Levy Board, said this was an unacceptable demand. Professor William Twink Allen, who heads the unit, said the decision to withdraw funding was a short-sighted move.

“I’m gutted really as it is a stupid and illogical decision. We’ve spent 20 years building the unit’s worldwide reputation and the staff to maintain this.

“To lose it for the want of £150,000 year in an industry where a lot of stallions charge that in a fee for a mare is short-sighted.”

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Horse mastery offered to keep kids at school

15 05 2007

Australian Horses, originally uploaded by Mister Wind-Up Bird.

Children in the West Australian town of Halls Creek are being offered lessons in horse mastery to keep them in school.

Students in the horse mastery program at Halls Creek District High School will be taught to ride and care for horses, tally cattle, plan a day’s mustering and keep a horse record book.

WA Indigenous Affairs Minister Michelle Roberts launched the program today in a bid to help students struggling with traditional subjects gain a “meaningful” purpose to attending school.

“The program aims to improve their literacy and numeracy skills in the classroom through completing tasks that are relevant to a working life on the land,” Ms Roberts said. Read more

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Things you can buy, part one

15 05 2007


Mooi makes this horse lamp, which is available through Unica for ONLY $4389 US. You can get a real horse for that kind of money. 😉 Link

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