Have you seen Stormy?

16 05 2007


Thanks to Marvel for alerting me to this story:

Stormy is a TWH stallion, owned for several years by Reverend M.O. Martin of Louisiana. When the Reverend passed on, Stormy was retired to a farm in the Lower New Orleans area. Bet you can guess what happened…

When Katrina hit, there was no way to get him out in time, and he rode the storm out alone. Days later, he was found and taken to a horse shelter. So far so good, but before his owners could claim him, someone else identified him as theirs and took him away. They have been unable to track him down since. Full story

Stormy, registered name Eb’s Stormin’ Around, is flaxen chestnut with a tattoo under his top lip and some old wire scars on his front pasterns. Have you seen him?

I’m planning some future posts around the issues of disaster preparation, theft prevention, identification etc. so if you have any ideas, or if there’s anything you’d specifically like to see addressed, please let me know; leave a comment or use the feedback form on the About page.

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