New charges for Aussie vet who starved horses

17 05 2007


A woman accused of starving her horses faces further charges of mistreating wildlife on her Lara property.

RSPCA inspector Jason Nichols said Julie Tilbrook, 56, of Lara, had been charged with 21 new counts of animal cruelty relating to a python, two goannas, a skink and three sugar gliders. The RSPCA has charged Ms Tilbrook, who holds a wildlife permit, with failing to house the reptiles properly and with confining her animals in circumstances likely to cause suffering.

Mr Nichols said Ms Tilbrook had also been charged with failing to provide veterinary attention to a dog.

The charges are in addition to 17 counts of animal cruelty laid against Ms Tilbrook in March.

Ms Tilbrook, who has not yet entered a plea to the charges, did not appear in Geelong Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Magistrate Ian von Einem adjourned the hearing until May 29. Story link

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4 responses

17 05 2007

All I can say is it takes all kinds.

1 11 2007

What a cold heartless person. I can’t believe she could walk away like that with hay in her hands and not see her own horse skinny and starving in the background.

11 12 2008

how could she do that to her horse!!! 😦

16 02 2009

I think the same thing should be done on to her. Let her know and experience how it feels to go hungry. she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

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