There’s still time to join the Blog Carnival, May 23!

17 05 2007

Windrush, originally uploaded by sugarflower.

Time for me to nag you again!

…The next carnival is going to be May 23rd and will be hosted by The theme for this carnival will be First Impressions – Share the story of your first memory of a horse (this could include a fictional horse) or your first meeting with a horse who has touched your life.

As always you are welcome to participate in the Horse Lovers Blog Carnival even if you don’t have a post that fits the theme. Just put your post under the General category. Submission deadline is May 22nd by 5:00 pm PST.

Submissions are welcome from newbies and carnival veterans alike! Here’s the link for that.

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17 05 2007
  There’s still time to join the Blog Carnival, May 23! by Social Bookmark Submission Service

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20 05 2007

what a gorgeous dapple! a stunning horse, Id love to have him in my pasture. Scooter would like a friend….I just came indoors from giving him his dinner. He was way out in the back of his pasture. I whistled and was suprised he heard me over the wind. He whinnied then loped to where I was waiting. Sometimes he doesnt act no where near 28 years old!

20 05 2007

I love your Scooter stories. 🙂 Are you going to have something in the Carnival? Come oooooooonnnnnnnnn! 😉

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