Don’t scrape my content!

20 05 2007

Or else this happens. (thanks raincoaster for the lesson in evil)

Click to enlarge

(What is blog scraping?)

Update May 27/07:

Looks like they went kerphlooey (click to enlarge):

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20 05 2007

Some people, so know we have to protect ourselves from blog scraping? And how do you find out you’ve been scraped?

20 05 2007

I was checking out my stats (WordPress is awesome for stats) and noticed I was getting hits for that link, so I checked it out. WordPress doesn’t allow its bloggers to run ads, which is fine by me (I think there’s enough advertising online as it is). What the scrapers do is steal content and stick it on a site with ads on it, so essentially they’re using your stuff to make themselves some click-through bucks. There was a bit of a discussion about it in the comments section of the Link to Bridlepath page. I don’t know what sort of site stats Blogster has, but you can also check your incoming links; see Who Links To Me? in the blogroll under Uncategorized.

20 05 2007

I’m always available for tutoring in evil.

Hilarious! I hope they find it soon, but AFTER they’ve gotten a ton of comments on it.

Looks like they’ve just subscribed to a Technorati feed for all posts containing “History” in the title.

22 05 2007

Ive had a few ping backs from sites like these! good idea 🙂

27 05 2007


27 05 2007

NICE job 😀

28 05 2007

If your interested, that site is hosted in the Czech Republic in space. You may want to send a complaint to abuse at casablanca ( dot ) cz if you want to follow up on the issue.

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