Documentary on the pony-doping case

22 05 2007

Remember last year’s horse show mom from hell? She was accused of feeding sedatives to competitors’ ponies at a show her child was participating in. Apparently Channel 4 in the UK will be airing a documentary called Sports’ Dirtiest Secrets, in which the pony-doping case will feature, May 28 at 11:30 p.m. Some of their programming is available online, though I’m not sure if that doc will be among the offerings or even if it will work with a non-UK IP address. Linda Corby has written an article about the case; looks like her daughter’s pony was one of the mounts affected? (Linda, if you’re out there, feel free to leave a comment!)

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One response

23 05 2007

Oh my, this seems to be the week for the horse industry’s dirty little secrets! Glad to see them hitting the light of day. Wish I could watch this tv show but don’t think I can here in the US.

Sadly, I can’t say that this incident is a surprise to me. I know that doping the competition has been whispered about at the US Arabian Nationals in the past. I’ve heard of horses actually having guards on them to protect them.

It truly is sad what some people will do to win. Guess they haven’t figured out that no one wins when things happen that way.

Great post!

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