Using horses to predict earthquakes

30 05 2007

China tomb horses, originally uploaded by mharrsch.

Chinese officials believe animals can be used to predict earthquakes, and are setting up a monitoring station at a wildlife park that will use more than 50 horses.

The station, in southwestern Beijing, will use birds and animals as sensors.

News agencies report that the station will use more than 50 horses, as well as donkeys, peacocks, snakes, turtles, frogs, deer and other animals. In all, more than 10,000 birds and animals live in the 240-hectare wildlife reserve where the station will be based.

A senior zoo keeper will monitor animal behaviour each day and report into China’s seismological bureau.

Officials believe the animals are likely to demonstrate unusual behaviour in the lead-up to an earthquake.

The park is reportedly located near a faultline.

A zoo in Guangdong Province is also said to be using animals to predict quakes. Link

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30 05 2007
Jumping Jockey


I was searching for a few good Horse Blogs over the net, and thankfully came across ‘Bridlepath’.

Since, this blog is in most ways dedicated to horses, thought of dropping in a line or two on the upcoming Derby here in the UK.

The Epsom Derby, which is considered to be one of the most prestigious flat thoroughbred horse races in the world is one of the most iconic events in the British sporting and social calendar. It will take place, this week, at the Epsom Downs Racecourse, Surry, England.

I’ve been covering the latest news and tips on the Derby at my website –

For the 2006 Epsom Derby Video please visit


31 05 2007

This doesn’t surprise me. I know when Mt St Helens erupted the animals in the area there started migrating from the area ahead of time. It’s really amazing how sensitive they are to those kinds of things and we’re just oblivious without all our insturments and computers.

1 06 2007

during the tsunami in 2006, all the animals left the area even efore the wave hit. animals just ‘know’

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