Riders charged with intoxication in Virginia

4 06 2007

Hey, it was the closest thing I could find

Two people police say were hoping to avoid drinking and driving chose instead to head home on horseback, and ended up under arrest anyway.

Culpeper police officers Lonnie Myers and Tim Chilton heard a disturbance last Thursday around midnight and found Culpeper residents Eric Kyff and Lauren Allen arguing, Sgt. Scott Jenkins said.

Kyff and Allen, who appeared to be intoxicated, wanted to “travel home several miles by horseback to avoid drinking and driving,” Jenkins said.

Kyff, 39, took off along a nearby set of railroad tracks but was stopped shortly after by Chilton, police said.

The two were charged with public intoxication and taken to the county jail. The horses were held across the street in front of the police department.

The two were released from jail the next morning. Their horses were waiting for them across the road. Link (via Digg)

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2 responses

5 06 2007

Nice…This is right down the street from me! Those two are lucky to have such nice horses… I’m pretty sure none of mine would still be there waiting for me when I got out.

7 06 2007

I am soo guilty of ‘drunk riding’ in my earlier days.

Luckily I was smart enought to be safe for my horse and Scooter was trained enough to haul my drunk butt around….

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