Tired of the same old trail rides? Try Peru

4 06 2007

Horse and Wrangler, originally uploaded by fimayf.

The British Horse Society has announced its latest equestrian fundraising experience, for those who are bored with “hacking around the block”.

The Inca Challenge to Peru, October 25-20, takes riders on ancient Inca trails winding along sacred valleys and over high, mountain passes, through a region rich in natural wonders and cultural heritage.

There is great potential for those in search of adventure with the unique challenge being to ride the ancient Inca trails that lead through mountains to Machu Picchu.

Wendy Minor, BHS Challenge Administrator, said: “This is a fantastic adventure and a real challenge whether you are a riding-hiker or hiking-rider! Riding through the Peruvian Andes reveals a highland region that is rich in cultural heritage and natural wonders.”

The BHS Riding Challenges help raise funds to assist with the running costs of the BHS’s welfare work. Link

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One response

3 10 2007

timcopejourneys.com aussie guy that just finished up a 10,000k trek through mongolia into hungary tracing the route of gengis khan. landed in hungary sept 22. amazing photos.

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