Top posts, 2007-06-04

4 06 2007

Based on stats from; these are the top posts for the past 30 days:

  1. Andreas Helgstrand – World Equestrian Games 2006 Freestyle Final
  2. World’s smallest horse
  3. World’s largest horses
  4. Online showjumping game
  5. Horse colour demystified: the dun gene
  6. 16 reasons to date a horseback rider
  7. Starving horses were part of an unusual breeding program
  8. Latawnya should just say “neigh”
  9. U.S. House passes Horse Slaughter Prevention Act
  10. Don’t scrape my content!
  11. Bridlepath Hall of Shame: the “big lick” TWH industry
  12. Breyer to reissue Barbaro model due to overwhelming demand
  13. And so it begins
  14. World’s tallest horse (now on video)
  15. Barbaro documentary by HBO Sports to air in June
  16. Five famous black horses
  17. Barbaro immortalized by Breyer
  18. How to tie a rope halter
  19. Horse: it’s what’s for dinner?
  20. Brindle horses
  21. Five breeds you’ve (probably) never heard of
  22. Urban legends
  23. Lorenzo and his Camargue horses
  24. Dutch rescuers try to save trapped horses
  25. Horse colour demystified: the basics

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2 responses

30 08 2007
Judie Cardwell

this is the most wonderful horse i have ever seen. i watch it over and over. it just makes me feel good to see something this beautiful.

11 11 2008

Andreas Helgstrand and Blue Hors Matine Performance 2006 WEG Games:
This performance is a true wonder of the world. Horse and Rider were nothing short of magical and astounding. No other horse/rider performance in history has matched this performance no matter the riding discipline or event. I am awe struck when watching this video and my excitement never waivers. True brilliance and poetry in motion describe this event to say the least. I applaud horse and rider for making magic together. I feel privileged to witness such an event and I never tired from watching this particular performance over and over again. I experience chills from the wonder of it. The bond, the trust that exists between this duo brought each into a single living creature for a moment in time. What an extraordinary moment in history. Bravo Bravo Bravo…!!!!!!!!

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