Who owns Curlin?

4 06 2007

Curlin wins the Preakness

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CurlinTwo lawyers named William J. Gallion and Shirley A. Cunningham Jr. bought the racehorse Curlin for $57,000 in September of 2005. Since then, Curlin has become one of the best racehorses in the world, winning the Preakness and increasing in value. Right now, Curlin could fetch $30 million.

But do Gallion and Cunningham really own Curlin? It’s complicated. [Log in with BugMeNot] The New York Times reports that more than 400 plaintiffs won a civil suit in which they claimed Gallion and Cunningham defrauded them out of $64.4 million intended to pay for injuries caused by the diet drug fen-phen.

One of those plaintiffs says of Curlin, “He was bought with stolen money.” So all of those plaintiffs are rooting for Curlin’s continued success, hoping that at some time in the future, the courts will rule them the horse’s rightful owners. It may be a long time before we know for sure who owns Curlin, but in the meantime, there’s a legal cloud hanging over the sport’s most-discussed horse. Link

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