Why WordPress.com rocks

4 06 2007

A little OT, I know, but I think it’s important. Check out this article at Plagiarism Today discussing why WordPress.com is virtually spam-free:

A recent study by WebmasterWorld found that an estimated 77% of all blogs on Google’s Blogspot service were spam. Similarly, AOL Hometown, had well over 80% of its results turn out to be spam. Even MSN Spaces, which as not mentioned in the report, is claimed to host an estimated ten percent of spammer Web site. (Note: See updated information below about the Blogspot study)

It seems as if nearly every major free blog hosting service has been either overrun or nearly overrun with spam. However, one services stands alone, a relative oasis of spam cleanliness, Automattic’sWordPress.com. Despite being just as free as its competitors and placing few restrictions on registration, WordPress.com has not endured the spam avalanche that other services have.

Though there have been spam attacks in the past, the spammers have been easily shut down and, overall, the service remains relatively free of the splogs that seem to choke up its competitors. Though paid services such as Typepad also enjoy a relatively spam-free existance, what WordPress.com does is very rare for a free service.

I strongly urge you to read the whole article if you care about blogging at all. Seriously, if you have a blog, consider switching; as I’ve said before, Blogspot is the IE of blogs, Wordpess is the Firefox. 😉

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2 responses

5 06 2007
GIrls Horse Club

WordPress is the best, and not just for blogging. It’s also a great platform for building web sites — I use it for clients who want a quick, inexpensive site they can manage themselves.

Thanks for the link to Plagiarism Today. We’re trying to help our young readers understand that it’s not OK to steal content and claim it as their own, which seems to be the norm online…

29 12 2007

I agree, I spend a lot of time cleaning up at my blog directory checking submissions, and also reviewing previously accepted blogs to ensure they still meet the submission guidelines. The worst offender for spam blogs has to be blogger, and WordPress blogs are deleted much less often than blogger blogs, many of which are rife with spam.

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