Note to city slickers: Stop panicking!

7 06 2007

Sweet dreams!

Arizona Central reports that Paint breeder Bob Eggers of Chandler AZ is getting tired of calls from worried city folk telling him that his horses are dead when really, they’re just stretched out snoozing:

Ed Hermes, spokesman for the Arizona Department of Agriculture, said the agency receives two or three calls a month about the Arizona Avenue horses and sends an inspector to the site after each complaint “to certify that the owner is treating them well.” Inspectors have never found evidence of abuse or neglect in the herd, Hermes said.

It’s nice that people are concerned, but they also tie up a lot of resources with their well-meaning (if ill-placed) fears which could be better spent helping horses which really are in trouble. For a humourous take on the whole thing, check out this classic: Your Horses Are On Fire!

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The long and the short and the tall

7 06 2007

Arabella and friends

A Falabella-cross foal named Arabella has been born at the Shire Horse Centre in Norfolk. Isn’t she cute? Link

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