Teaching kids about horse logging

8 06 2007

Jerry Harpole, horse logging contractor, shows kids from Christ the King Academy how horses move logs in and out of the forests through horse logging at the Naval Magazine Indian Island forest in the state of Washington. Horse logging benefits the Navy’s ecosystem by saving the forest from using heavy machinery which causes damage to the environment. Link

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Embroidered prints and cards

8 06 2007

Check out these cute prints and cards by California artists Saelee Oh and Jill Bliss. Yep, they’re hand-embroidered. Link

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Disney being sued over Ruffian film

8 06 2007


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The LA Times reports that Disney’s upcoming movie about the great filly Ruffian have been marred by controversy, as a jockey and trainer claim they were not consulted about the details of her life:

The complaint alleges violations of trademarks held by Jacinto Vasquez, Ruffian’s jockey, and trainer Frank Whiteley. The movie, set for release Saturday, is falsely billed as a true story, according to the complaint. Ruffian’s caretakers also claim the movie purports to rely on their insider experience and intimate knowledge when they had nothing to do with the production.

“Defendants seek to give credibility to the film as a docudrama by falsely claiming actual knowledge of the details of what happened to Ruffian in her last race that led to her death,” the suit said. “The content can only be a fictionalized account because none of the still-living members of the Ruffian inner circle agreed to participate and/or cooperate in the production.”

The suit seeks an order to halt broadcast of the film and unspecified damages from Disney.

I just hope it isn’t a maudlin piece of crap like Seabiscuit was–am I the only one who absolutely hated that movie? (Hat tip to Raincoaster, btw)

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