Pic o’the day: she stoops to conquer

9 06 2007

Rags to Riches

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Rags to Riches edges out Curlin to become the first filly to win the Belmont Stakes in 105 102 years. I’ll say it: I cried.

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7 responses

10 06 2007


10 06 2007

girl power!!!!!!

11 06 2007

Was that just not the coolest? I just happened to stop at a friend’s place Saturday afternoon and they had the race on. I know some folks are crediting the five pounds, but a far as I’m concerned, that filly won fair and square; after all, she tripped coming out of the gate, and that more than made up for the weight!

11 06 2007

I was jumping up and down, out of my chair!


12 06 2007

Yes! The girl’s got game!

13 06 2007

It has been 102 years, actually. Tanya won the Belmont in 1905. I screamed so loud! Rags to Riches, you da girl!

17 06 2007

I screamen and cheered! Finally a filly!!!!

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