Equilink, the equine search engine

13 06 2007

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Equilink is a brand new search engine dedicated to all things equine. From their press release:

  • New horse enthusiasts can make far more informed selections, while established horse lovers will be thrilled by the depth and breadth of its superbly organized search results.
  • Users can drill down by state and city, so finding geographically accurate results is a cinch!
  • Equilink’s dedication to preventing click fraud is unparalleled in the search engine universe.
  • Equilink’s mission is to give back to the equine community. As such, 10% of all Equilink’s net proceeds will be used to support equine retirement & rescue sanctuaries and medical research, unlike any other search engine.

I like this, and I think you will too. Check it out!

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5 responses

13 06 2007

I played around with Equilink on Monday and was not impressed.

13 06 2007

shame its all american…

13 06 2007


It’s only all American temporarily. As you can imagine, building and populating this for America took several months. We will be adding all the other continents shortly and it will probably take 6 months to a year to get it all built out so that we are truly global. Also, while COD may not be impressed, per Alexa, our daily ranking status shot up to 15,543, putting us WELL AHEAD of equisearch, horse city, ultimatehorse site and all other equestrian directory/search engines. So, clearly, a fair amount of the equestrian community is sufficiently impressed.

17 06 2007

I wasn’t impressed either. I got better off of google for what I was looking for doing research for my blog. Not sure why that is, everything I was looking for was horse related.

28 07 2007

Well I am probably biased because I own Sheridan Creek Tack which is a tack shop advertising on their site but in any case I think that it is a great idea and wish them luck in all of their endeavours.


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