Wild horse roundup in Spain

13 06 2007


Men catch a horse during the “Rapa Das Bestas” event in Mougas, northwestern Spain. Throughout the summer, hundreds of wild horses are rounded up, trimmed and groomed in different villages in Galicia. Link

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5 responses

17 06 2007

Oh, I don’t think so, that is definitely not the way I want to catch a horse.

14 08 2007

As well as being rounded up and “trimmed and groomed”, these frightened horses are also crammed into unsuitable lorries and transported via France to Italy for slaughter. This is no way to treat a horse. But maybe that is irrelevant if human pleasure and tradition are more important that respect for other creatures.

26 03 2008

any one got a gun 4 the retard in the shirt poor horse that is just pathetic how can that be legal. they don’t care about the horses at all they just think it’s fun, a bit of entertainment. all those horses will be harrased frightened and abused then killed. disgusting. but thats humans 4 u.

15 01 2009
Tony Bugg

You would be supprised at the tourists including English who think that to see all the horses being rounded up and stallion fighting is great entertainment!!
Many of the young colts go for slaughter when caught and travel on to other countries!!

20 06 2012
Eddie Arenas

It appears that those so-called humans are more animals than those poor horses. These so-called humans don’t have any sense at all for the feelings of horses. These horses have families just like so-called humans, and to see that they become separated makes me sick. I’ll never go to Spain any more.

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