You worry me sometimes

20 06 2007

Here are some of the search terms people used to find Bridlepath:

equestrian riders dirty tight

can you kick a shetland pony to death?

women who love using whips

Ugly American Saddlebred

stalion mounts

naked horse ride

sexual intercourse

Who are all the people looking for pictures and videos of horses mating? And why would they think I’d have them?

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20 06 2007

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Police detain horse over stolen car

20 06 2007

A horse was detained by police today over the theft of a vehicle in South Africa’s sprawling Soweto township.

“We have apprehended a horse and two suspects for being in possession of a suspected stolen vehicle,” police spokeswoman Captain Lindiwe Mbatha said.

“Cops patrolling the township pulled over a cart carrying a stripped body of a brand new car, a Corolla Conquest, suspected to have been stolen.

“The cart was drawn by a horse with two suspects on board. They were locked for being in possession of a suspected stolen vehicle and will appear in court within 48 hours,” Capt Mbatha said. Read more (via Fark and the redoubtable raincoaster)

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