You worry me sometimes

20 06 2007

Here are some of the search terms people used to find Bridlepath:

equestrian riders dirty tight

can you kick a shetland pony to death?

women who love using whips

Ugly American Saddlebred

stalion mounts

naked horse ride

sexual intercourse

Who are all the people looking for pictures and videos of horses mating? And why would they think I’d have them?

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8 responses

20 06 2007

omg, who unleashed the freaks?!?!

21 06 2007

What a bunch of perverted jack_sses !

21 06 2007
Simply Marvelous

Proves one more time: There are more on the outside … than the in !!

21 06 2007

The blogosphere is permeated with perverted people. 😦

22 06 2007
Dog Collar Addict

hey, there are a lot of ‘sick’ people in this world that have really strange fetishes!

10 08 2007

OH, my god !

12 09 2007

Oh my! And just why did the search engines send them here? Hopefully to frustrate them to death!

That reminds me of when I kept getting outbid on a five-pack of cheap colored crops on e-bay. I couldn’t figure out why there were so many crops and so many bidders. Then I started looking at the other things the other bidders had purchased on e-bay. I’ll just say they weren’t horse people, and they certainly never should even think about using that kind of equipment on any animal….

Would love to be on your blog roll! If you find me worthy, my web site is

Keep up the posts or the perverts will win.


29 12 2007
Carly Anne

That’s just plain wrong. take a stand every one!

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