Next Horse Lovers Blog Carnival will be at the end of July

21 06 2007

Joys of Water, originally uploaded by sagetopaz.

Herewith, an announcement from chief carny Mona at HorseApproved:

I just wanted to announce that we will not be having the Horse Lovers Blog Carnival this month. I am going to try and regroup for next months carnival and give it more attention than I have these past months.

The next carnival will be at the end of July.

Start working on those submissions NOW, and we’ll keep you updated as to the host and theme (if any).

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7 responses

21 06 2007
Alise Lamoreaux

Thanks for highlight my picture “Joys of Water” 🙂 One of my Flickr friends sent me a link to this site. My horse was having too much fun! He is a retired Eventer and sometimes I think he misses the water jumps!

Alise (Sagetopaz)

21 06 2007

Alise, thank you! It’s such a striking photo. Thanks for letting me use it. 🙂

21 06 2007

Nice photog! ALso should we send July submissions to Mona?

happy trails
GP In Montana

22 06 2007

Hi GP! Yes, I’d send them to Mona in the meantime. If she’s not hosting, then she’ll send the entries to the blogger who will be.

22 06 2007

I think you should do a blog carnival of all these great horse images that you post on your blog. I love them!

One can never look at too many great horse photos. (and you have a real eye for finding them!)



12 07 2007

I’m hosting the next carnival, it’s just on general horse subjects, but I totally agree that we should have a carnival for equine images!

10 08 2007

Thanks . We should have more related topics .

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