Meet Eclyse

28 06 2007


This gorgeous zorse lives at a safari park at Schloss Holte Stukenbrock, near the German border with Holland, where she has her own enclosure. How she came about

(Hat tip to raincoaster!)

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9 responses

28 06 2007

It looks like art!

28 06 2007

No way! That is just cool.

1 07 2007
Dog Collar Addict

what an odd looking pony! i’ve seen ‘zonies’ or ‘zorses’ @ petting zoos before, but never one as colourful!

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17 07 2007

A beauty to be sure.

29 07 2007

Gorgeous to look at – very unusual.. but a question – would this horse be infertile?

Always seems interesting to me when types are crossed that aren’t necessarily supposed to be.

Thought I’d let you know I’ve moved EQUUS on to a new url – – if/when you’ve got time to update the link that’d be appreciated :D


10 08 2007

My god ! So cool ! I love it .

1 11 2007

She is so pretty. I think I saw her in National Geographic for Kids. I think she came out of an Andalusian stallion.

28 07 2011

That’s a beautiful zorse. Love this pic!

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