Brindle filly

19 08 2007


I noticed this stripey girl at Heaven Can Wait equine rescue. Not much is known about her except that she’s a Standardbred cross, 1.5 years old and in need of some TLC. (“But Defrost, what’s a brindle horse?”)

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8 responses

20 08 2007

Hey that looks like a clipped bay that has just had a bath and is drying off. Is it really a brindle?

20 08 2007

There was a novel I read a couple of years ago that featured a brindled horse which was the first time I had ever heard of it. Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen.

21 08 2007

Genetics are just so interesting.

21 09 2007

“There was a novel I read a couple of years ago that featured a brindled horse which was the first time I had ever heard of it. Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen.”

Same here! I just read that a couple weeks ago. It first said a “striped horse” and I was like “What the heck is that?” That brindle SB filly looks like she could turn out really nice though – and she only has a $500 adoption fee. Oh were I in the position to buy another horse…

5 05 2008
13 07 2008

ya, i just finished that book and came to look it up, i had heard of it but not really looked into it. great book!

22 05 2009

Same, a while back I read that book and thought wow wouldn’t it be nice to have a horse that unique… well… I found one!
She is a registered CTA, ATA brindle Trakehner x TB mare out of Prince of Prussia, I am leasing her but wow! How stunning, I tried to do a little research but there isn’t much out there. Her brindling isn’t as prominant, she’s dark bay w/ black striping but you can see it on her summer coat.

15 01 2010

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the American Brindle Equine Association, a registry that has been formed to document, record, preserve, and promote the brindle characteristic in horses, donkeys, and mules. Horses, donkeys, and mules of all sizes are accepted by this registry including ponies and miniatures. No equine exhibiting zebra breeding will be registered with the ABEA, however chimeric and mosaic horses shall be accepted so long as they possess a brindle pattern.

Thank you for your time.
Kay Isaac

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