Equine blog roundup

28 08 2007

Procession, originally uploaded by MaiKoh.

A quick look at what’s happening in the equine blogosphere:

Kimberly at I Gallop On shares a horsewoman’s secret

Barn Goddess has some great photos (bonus: palomino!)…

Rising Rainbow at MiKael’s Mania reveals five things we didn’t know about her

Jerri at Learning Horses offers five reasons to watch someone else ride your horse

Jane Savoie has twelve things you must know about putting your horse on the bit…

petArtistWithPeaches muses on the joys of peastone gravel

Deanna at Improving Communication Between Horse and Rider schools us on relative space

Fran Jurga reports on what (or who) might be behind the latest outbreak of equine influenza in Australia…

Fugly Horse of the Day has some sobering auction results (take the polls while you’re there, too!)…

Two contests at Karen’s EasyCare blog: Name the new EasyCare boot and a video competition

Transylvanian Horseman has some tips for spotting princesses in your midst…

There are plenty more great blogs in my sidebar; check ’em out! If you’ve got a site you’d like to see on Bridlepath, I’m all ears…

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26 responses

29 08 2007
Simply Marvelous

Some great information on those links! Always appreciate your site. Thanks!

29 08 2007

hey! long time…thnx for the link 🙂 now I gotta get reading!!!

29 08 2007

Thank you for the link, what a great idea. Your blog is awesome as always, and I really appreciate the other quality blogs you mentioned above, it got me clicking.


6 09 2007

Glad to find your blog and your blog list! I would love to be added as I am new in town.

Beautiful photo, too. Somebody should win an award for keeping them so clean!

I’ll be back! Thanks for putting all this good information together.

10 09 2007
Romualdo Olazabal


I want to invite you to my blog – Paso Fino, puro de aqui – although it is very “young”, started to published it last May, I have been around horses all my life… specifically, Pure Puerto Rica Paso Fino Horses…

The blog is in Spanish, but there is a “Translator” utility at the bottom of the page… sorry, but these electronic translations are not very precise…

The blog have a Videos and Photo Gallery sections… both are new to the blog, so these are work on the making… also a links page – Enlaces – where I added a link to your site…

Thanks for such a wonderful blog…


9 10 2007
Wayne Jones

Hi Just found your blog, going to start reading asap…

Great eqine links !





9 10 2007
Wayne Jones

Sorry for the spelling mistake : Great Equine Links !

In a rush to get reading & clicking on the links…

15 10 2007

great links… would love to join you … We’re a horse friendly bed and breakfast, journaling about innkeeping, horsekeeping and of course housekeeping

thanx and happy trails
gp in montana

27 11 2007
Patricia Barlow-Irick

I added a bloggers forum on the Never Stop Learning forum at the HinnyWhisperer. I would love to see my blogging buds show up there! I know that we normally communicate via comments on each others blog, but maybe we are ready for something more?

Of course I will have to give DefrostIndoors a hard time for forgetting my totally cool new video on donkey vaulting. Okay, so I am not such a great vaulter… at least I try!!! Kimberly at I Gallop On is such an inspiration to me.


5 12 2007
Christy Weese

Hi there, I just started a new blog a couple of weeks ago. I’m a rider and a graphic designer and I work on a couple of equine magazines, an online one for Sport Ponies and a print magazine for Arabians. This is my riding diary, random thoughts on equine marketing, and updates for online life. Thanks!


17 12 2007
Victoria Cummings

What a wonderful blog – thanks for all the beautiful photos and these great links. I hope you’ll check out my new blog – “Teachings of the Horse” at victoriacummings.blogspot.com – I’ve met so many great new friends in the blogosphere. I’ll come back here and visit you often. Happy Trails!

3 03 2008

A very informative and useful collection of equine links. Thanks for featuring these links. Anyway, here is a site that i think is quite informative. http://www.sportsarticles.com/categories/Equestrian
Hope you like it. Thanks.

— stephen

27 03 2008
Tamara of In the Night Farm

Add my thanks for this list. High quality horse blogs are hard to find. You’re welcome to add my blog, The Barb Wire, if it’s to your taste. Best regards, Tamara

25 05 2008
Barbara Beard

Excellent! This is a good example of why I link to Bridlepath on the Del Camino Equestrian Enterprises Blog (http://delcaminoequestrian.com/wordpress) which is bare-bones graphically, but scheduled for a facelift this summer. DCEEB focuses on the issues American stables face as small businesses serving horses and people – whether commercial, non-profit, or private, and the tough larger socio-economic issues that impact our horses, and you’re invited to comment! Our goal is to post more frequently, and to add surveys and share the results. I voted for Bridlepath in the “Blogger’s Choice Awards” Best Animal Blogger Contest.
– barbara

18 08 2008
Uptown Filly

Great blog, lots of up-to-date information. Look forward to checking back in to see your latest. Keep up the good work!


30 09 2008

Looking to buy quality square bales – alfalfa/grass in the Midwest area
Live in Oklahoma – local hay has too many stems and bugs
Plan to buy min of 100 bales

24 10 2008

Hi there ~
I’m Araya and I’m 10 year old equestrian passionate about jumping! I’d love you to add my blog to your links … it’s http://www.stabledays.typepad.com. I have a Horse Pals club where animal lovers can send photos and pictures of their animals along with horse jokes and anything else they’d like to share! I hope you visit me! Thanks!
Your Horse Pal,

3 03 2009
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11 04 2009

thanks for sharing

29 04 2009

Thanks for some great links and lots of great horsey stuff. Will read and follow : )

5 06 2009
Hayley Cox

Brilliant – just what I was looking for – always good to see like minded people. We have a blog we have started at http://equestrian-wear-clothing.blogspot.com/ take a look and let me know what you think and see if you would like it added to your blogroll – we also have one on our site linked above.

29 12 2009
Annie Dragisity


I work for a marketing firm based in Lansing, Michigan and we’re working on promoting a giveaway for a company called Silver Lining Herbs http://www.silverliningherbs.com (an horse and dog supplement supplier). We’re looking to have horse enthusiasts sign up for Silver Lining’s newsletter and they would then receive a $100 gift certificate towards any of Silver Lining’s products. We’d love to get the below press release out to horse lovers and could use your help if you’d be willing to post the information on your blog. Thanks so much,

Annie Dragisity

8 07 2010

I work with a small independent publishing company, and I was wondering if you, or anyone here, might be interested in reading and/or blogging about a new book we’ve just published, by Diane Nelson, an avid rider.

‘Mounted Exercises’ is a series of interlinked stories about the lives and loves of people associated with an equestrian school, written with the ever-optimistic and fond eye of author Diane Nelson.

Lives – especially love lives – may be tough, but comfort and solace always lie just around the corner, along the windy path.


21 07 2010

I invite you to come and check out my blog. Should you find it worthy, please add me to your wonderful list!

Dressage For The Rest Of Us

17 02 2012

Hi, I dont have a blog but you might be interested in how John Whitaker, Mary King, Andrew Gould, Emile Faurie, Sharon Hunt and loads more have been utterly amazing and donated a lesson each to my new charity to auction as a fund raiser! I am overwhelmed by how generous the top names in equestrian sport have been…. keep having to pinch myself!!!

The auction starts this Monday and it will interesting to see which riders/trainers out of the 30 who are helping, that people bid for first….

Great blog by the way xxxx

31 10 2013

I invite everyone to trailride over to my site and enjoy my blog entry “The Horseless Huntsman”. New Blog needing a mounting block (pun intended) to get going on happy trails across the internet. Let’s trailride together. Leave your link in my comments and share mine if you like my “green-broke” site. Blogs are like art, everyone’s blog is beautiful to somebody. www. thoughtsofourlives .com click on page for All the Horses of our Lives. Hope you enjoy the blog about the Horseless Huntsman!

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