You’ve been asking, so here they are

30 08 2007

Thumbelina and Radar

Thumbelina and Radar, the world’s smallest and tallest horses respectively, together at last. Source

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9 responses

2 09 2007

Every time I see this, I just can’t get over it. Not to mention I’m sure glad that Radar isn’t spooky, poor Tumbelina wouldn’t have a chance.

18 09 2007

The big one might be more useful, but I’d rather feed the little one.

9 10 2007

Ahh, Photoshop makes it possible – nice 😀
Equestrian Horse Sale

21 10 2007

Thumbelina is absolutely adorable! I’ve seen Radar before in the Guinness World Record Book!

18 11 2007

The joys of Photoshop indeed! I always get a kick out of reading your blog.

20 11 2007

Oh Tumbelina is adorable so she can manage to get over Radar, even if she is smaller than radar she can do the work than radar cannot do, or even radar can do other things that tumbelina can’t do, so there is a work for every size of them even your smaller or your the tallest horses or creature.

7 12 2007

Thumbelina is deformed, it is outrageous that people purposefully breed minatures which are obviously gentically unnatural!!!! It is horrifying to see her, she looks crippled.

30 03 2008

Ok, but, now who’s going to find out who the most medium-sizest horse is? 😉

3 03 2009
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