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17 09 2007


If you sign up for a free membership and include your physical address, we’ll sent you a “May the Horse Be With You” bumper sticker. But if you forgot to include your address (or choose not to), here’s how to request stickers.

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19 09 2007


6 11 2007

Hi There! I am just stopping by to tell you that the Horse Lovers Blog Carnival is back on for this month. Since this month many of us celebrate Thanksgiving I thought the theme should be “Why I Am Thankful For The Equine”. I hope you will be able to submit one (or more) of your great articles to this carnival. Submission Deadline is November 20th and Carnival is on the 21st.

Also I hope you check out the new social network community I created for Horse Approved.

6 11 2007
Jessica Burkhart

Cool! Thanks for posting that! 🙂

22 11 2007


18 12 2007

As an equestrian and Star Wars addict, I love that bumper sticker. Gotta have it.
Barbara Bergin
author of “Endings”

20 06 2008

I love that bumpersticker and have signed up with Bridlepath twice in order to get another one . My car was totalled in a car accident in March and of course, my bumpersticker went along with it.

I signed up under my husband, who has a horse, of course!, and my sister, who only borrows one occasionally. I keep seeing the “how to request stickers here” but there is no physical address and no hyperlink.

This is very frustrating. I have my new Volkswagen EOS and she is NAKED!

13 11 2008

cool blog

3 03 2009
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14 10 2010
debbie talmadge

debbie talmadge
1274 east pebblebrook dr
greencastle,pa 17225

Could I please get a free bumpersticker for our 4h group?

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