Help, my ass has fallen down a well…

17 09 2007

Look at that FACE!

Don’t worry, he came out of it with just a few bruises. Story and title courtesy of the redoubtable raincoaster, who loves a good ass pun as much as I do.

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8 responses

21 09 2007

Well, I went to raincoaster expecting to see this story and found myself captured instead by the story of Snowball the rescued doe who’s rescuer is know being persecuted by the law for saving her. Very interesting blog. Thanks for pointing it out!

23 09 2007

Thanks for the compliments. I let Bridlepath have this story instead of taking it myself. I’m just a socialist at heart, eh?

2 11 2007
Horse Riding

lol I love your articles !

30 11 2007

It’s amazing he was able to escape with just bruises!

17 01 2008

Unbelievable! If it had been a horse, the owner would be paying vet bills for the rest of his/her life!

3 03 2009
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22 06 2009
Southern Highlands

Awww that picture is just so sad..

26 03 2010

That is a sad picture

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