The Pony Lady

27 09 2007

Is anyone else totally coveting that bathtub?

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27 09 2007

Too stunned for words…. This is not true us it?? This is acted surely??
Can’t say i noticed the bathtub… have to see it again… lol

29 09 2007

WOW!!!!!! and i thought i needed some balance.

29 09 2007

Oh. My. God.

I know that woman.

29 09 2007
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3 10 2007

I have no sound on my puter right now so didn’t hear anything but geez there were a lot of my little ponies in that tub. How old was she going on 6?

7 10 2007

I’m just not sure what to say……..So, yeah, well…………

21 10 2007

Oh…my…gosh. Therapy might help, do you think?

By the way…I have “Tagged” you to tell the blogosphere 8 things about yourself that we don’t already know. Sorry if you have already been tagged! There is a link to your page here:

27 10 2007
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29 10 2007

Hah, I thought that maybe I was a little weird by having hung on to my, “my little pony” collection. All 7 of them. The Grooming Parlour. The Stableyard. But no. It turns out I’m relatively normal now, having seen this womans enjoyment of them. I always justified my need to keep them, as ‘keeping them for my daughter one day’. I just heard that my second child is ALSO going to be a boy, guess what? I’m still not getting rid of them, because now at least I can keep them for ME. Hee hee. While I may not be as obsessive as this gal in collecting them, and well, they’re in a box in the top of a cupboard, not all over my living room, but I TOTALLY get what she says about the smell of them when they come out of the box! I SO get that.

30 10 2007
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30 10 2007

I couldn’t hear a thing, either, but I do take a bubble bath like that nearly every night 🙂 Of course, I don’t have ponies in my tub…

7 11 2007

GREAT entry! Love your blog too…I added it to my blog’s list of blogs…hope you don’t mind! 😀

22 11 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

22 11 2007

Wow…that woman has WAY TOO MUCH free time on her hands!

I love your blog…saved it to my list of favorites as I’m compiling a list of ones I like to read and to share with my friends who read my blog.


25 01 2008

ummm, wow that was weird, that lady has way 2 much time on her hands! i’m a little bit scared! & scared 4 life.

16 05 2008

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19 06 2008
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3 03 2009
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