Police horse clocks out early

4 05 2008

Aldo, you scamp

(Image source)

From The Gothamist:

After getting spooked and throwing its mounted officer yesterday, Aldo the police horse managed to make its way home to the station house at 6th Ave. and Ericcson Pl. Aldo freaked out at the sound of screeching brakes in Soho yesterday afternoon, causing him to throw his rider, who was taken to St. Vincent’s with minor injuries. After getting the cop off his back, Aldo ran free through the streets before ambling about ten blocks home. NYPD spokesman Paul Browne says that Aldo “knows his turf.”

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3 responses

15 01 2009

I was pitched once as a kid.. okay more than once but this is the one I am talking about. 4 miles out from the house and my horse decided a Jack Rabbitt that we had seen thousands of before was the most frightening thing he had ever experienced.
I was looking somewhere else. I think in my bag of Beechnut. He went left I went right and well he ended up back at the barn just fine. I made a few gimps in later.

Great post. Huge Blog, I am a newbie but love your stuff.


3 03 2009
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15 04 2009

Great blog! Love the pics and tons of info. I am in the NYC area and can’t believe that I didn’t see this on the news…Can you imagine the stir he caused walking ten blocks…although it is New York, maybe no one noticed:)

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