Another breakthrough in colour genetics (or, if you prefer, “They’ve more or less dun it”)

5 05 2008

Ma préférée, originally uploaded by freddou_lutra.

Dun factor genetic testing is now available. Sort of. According to UC Davis, “The specific mutation that causes Dun has not yet been identified, and there is no direct test for the gene. VGL has identified DNA markers associated with Dun that can be used to determine if a horse has the Dun gene and how many copies.” They’re still doing research to pinpoint the exact genes, but this is still an exciting breakthrough. Also check out this article on primitive markings from Dun Central Station.

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7 responses

8 08 2008
Paige Filler

Here is more information about horse colors and even an article about unexplained markings and patterns.
The science of equine color genetics is not an exact one and because of that there is a great deal of confusion about the subject.
There are some great links in here, thanks.

3 03 2009
15 09 2009

interesting – duns are actually my favourite colour!

29 03 2010
Countryside and rural singles

This is definitely not my color, I prefer dark black. But beautiful horse you show in that picture, indeed. 🙂

2 02 2011
Horse Lessons by Annabelle

Really cool that you can choose the color of your horse! Amazing what genetics can do. This will change the horse showing industry permanently, and could have an impact on the horse racing industry as well.

17 04 2011

Beautiful horse.. nice photo

21 08 2012

Duns are the most beautiful by far!
btw: nice blog

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