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5 05 2008

The elements

Isn’t that one of the most arresting horse photos you’ve ever seen? It was taken by Wojtek Kwiatkowski; see a bigger version here along with more of his fantastic work.

And, er, um, hi again. 🙂 Yeah, I’m back, and I do plan and sticking around for a bit this time; I’ve got several articles I’m researching at the moment, which will be posted in due course along with the usual drivel and filler. 😉 Might even be a book giveaway/contest in the future! It was gratifying to see that even while I was away, Bridlepath was still garnering several hundred (or more) hits a day; thank you all for reading it, adding it to your blogroll, telling your friends and so on. I’m catching up on updating my links, so if you asked for one, it will appear. Soon. Ish.

A few people have asked me about the header image I’m using. It’s The Horse Fair (1853-55) by French artist Rosa Bonheur. The full painting is below; click to embiggen.

So, now that I’m back…anything I should know about? What would you like to see more of? Less of?

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12 responses

5 05 2008
Simply Marvelous

So glad you are back! Look forward to reading your research articles!

7 05 2008

No fair. Did you say, “embiggen?” I thought I made that word up! Of course, feel free to use it. 😉
That is one gorgeous horse.

10 05 2008

Welcome back.

I love that photo; very like a magnificent oil painting.

11 05 2008
Pic O’ The Day: Wojtek Kwiatkowski « raincoaster

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19 05 2008
lisa manning

Just discovered this blog…Very nice…

16 09 2008

That’s just hilarious. It reminds me of a thoroughbred filly I started way back when I was much younger. She musta had a cystic ovary or something. Ground driving resulted in much bucking and peeing. The first time I got on her, she bucked me off and peed on me. Furthermore we could go to the left but when I turned right and she caught me out of her right eye off she went again. I started getting on from both sides and still had the same problem. As a last result I had to grab my ovaries, have a ground handler and brazen it out.

28 09 2008
Janie Meier

I do love the first horse photo in this post. An impressive move!
I have a blog about adventures on the trail in Utah and also about experiences with horsekeeping on a small acreage. If you feel it’s appropriate, I’d love to be included in your horse blog list.

3 03 2009
Pet Doctor’s Blog » Blog Archive » Bits and bobs

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12 07 2009
Doug Stewart

Fantastic photo!!!

I’ve contacted the artist to see if he would like to be added to my directory of international horse art. It is free to join and one gets a full page advertisement like this:

If you are in contact with other artists for future posts, could you please let them know about this directory?

5 08 2009
J and J Paints and Quarter Horses

this is very informative Blog 🙂

26 04 2010

I have an old print of rosa bonhuer “horse fair” I’d like to know how many prints from the original were done

6 10 2011

Hello! I’ve just found your blog, and am happy to keep seeing what you regularly post here. BTW: would adore having an enormous version of that photo above the living room sofa- so much more intriguing than a standard equine “beauty shot.”


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