Multumesc; drive through

6 05 2008

Found at The Similepedia Blog; I believe the photo was taken in Romania. (Multumesc = thank you)

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The amazing Horse-o-Phonic!

…and could you pick some carrots out of a salad?

What can I say?!

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7 05 2008

muah ha hah ha! I love photos that show the modern world as a confab of almost diametrical opposites.
I am using that as my wallpaper until something more fun comes along. thanks for posting it.

14 05 2008

It’s an amusing picture, and quite a comment on Eastern Europe and the Balkans. However, having lived for some time in Romania, I wonder whether it really was taken there. Collar harness is almost unknown in Romania, where the Hungarian-stype breastcollar harness is almost universal. (I suppose that a Romanian might have bought a collar abroad, or been given one by a foreigner.) Also, Romania has just shortsightedly banned horses on main roads and in towns, so I doubt whether the police (usually all too quick to harrass the peasants) would have allowed a cart anywhere near a McDonald’s (whose Romanian outlets are all urban). I’d be tempted to guess that the photo may have been taken in the Ukraine. However, the photographer presumably knows where he or she took the picture. It will be interesting to learn more.

16 05 2008

lol! Nice… Well if gas prices keep rising like they have been I might have to resort to this myself:)

25 05 2008
Linda - Nickers and Ink

Now, THAT’S a Happy Meal. 😉


THE MANE POINT – a haven for horse lovers

26 05 2008

I just found you blog! awesome pic…not sure our Frosty would go for this one tho…

2 06 2008

economical me thinks
happy trails all
gp in montana

24 06 2008


I just voted for your blog for Bloggers Choice Awards.

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9 07 2008

I live in Wensleydale and the other week we couldn’t get anywhere because the country roads were blocked up with gypsy caravans on their way to Appleby Horse Fair. Although the brightly coloured carriages were beautiful, I couldn’t help getting a little bit exasperated at how the guys were walking alongside the horses. Walking pace doesn’t get anyone anywhere very quickly. However, it is cool when you don’t need a registration plate.

13 07 2008

Horses and carts can currently be seen on most Romanian roads

29 07 2008
Equine ER

Do the Amish eat at McDonald’s now?

8 08 2008
Saddle Mtn Rider

What an interesting blog! I am glad that i ran across it. A fellow down the road from us was featured in the paper as he often rides his horse to town, hitching it at the back of the store. We used to ride our horses to the “root beer stand”, but that was many moons ago.

26 08 2008

Отлично!!! Вместо книги на ночь.

1 10 2008

thats the funniest thing i have ever seen Romania the land where the past clashes with the present in a beautiful collision

27 10 2008
Horses For Sale Writer

That picture made me smile; I hope you don’t mind – I emailed this link to a few of my friends who I know will love it.

4 11 2008

gives new meaning to “sit down and ride” 🙂

18 11 2008

Quite an attention getting image there! haha! Btw, I love horses and your blog interests me! You’re now on my blogroll. *thumbs up*

Come by anytime!

10 01 2009

Ha! Hilarious!

18 01 2009

Поздравляю всех посетителей с наступившем Новым Годом! 🙂

Пусть Новый год cо счастьем новым
Под сказку сна к вам в дом войдет
И вместе с запахом еловым
Здоровья, счастья принесет!

29 01 2009
James Booker

This has got to be one of the funniest pictures I’ve ever happened to come across, How many of us would could say that we honestly wouldn’t love to do that!

9 02 2009

That is such a cute picture 🙂

11 02 2009
Jessica Burkhart

Now THAT’S a photo! 🙂

3 03 2009
Pet Doctor’s Blog » Blog Archive » Multumesc; drive through

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19 03 2009
Madeleine Pickens

Can you help us stop the mass murder and imprisonment of 33,000 wild horses and burros! The Wild Horse Foundation has a plan that offers a solution, but we need your help! Please stop this trail of carnage and public waste by contacting Ken Salazar at the Bureau of Land Management at the link below:

27 03 2009
Trade and Travel

yah !!! nice photo ,,

and funny

20 04 2009

Hey there! You have an impressive amount of blogs on your blog list. Would you be able to add mine? I write a blog called ‘A Girl and Her Horse’. I have added you to my blog list.



2 07 2009
Michelle at

What a great photo! Interesting blog, have enjoyed browsing through it.

24 07 2009
Stephanie Webb

Oh man…that is hilarious! Great photo. Thanks for sharing.

11 08 2009

LOL that was pretty hilarious, thanks for the pic.

13 08 2009

I love this picture! Thank You for sharing! Great blog!

10 09 2009

McDonald’s is everywhere!! The picture might have been staged to show the color contrasts between new and bright and old and drab.

5 01 2010

Best wishes for 2010 !

19 01 2010

Too Funny! I was in Pennsyvania Amish country a few years back and got a kick out of the “Buggy Parking” at Wal-Mart.

Love the blog…keep up the good work!

25 01 2010
horse equine

That’s awesome a friend of mine had a menonite fellow fix his fence and he showed up with horse and buggy.

26 03 2010

That is just too funny.

29 03 2010
Horse Lovers Dating

Quite looks like being taken in Romania, however, brilliant photo! :))

3 04 2010

Just found your blog – great blog overall. Love this pic – makes us smile. A smile every few minutes does us all good. Well done.


17 04 2010
Horse equipment

You have to send that photo to Mc Donalds marketing dept., it s fantastic !!

13 06 2010

I am getting this feeling you like horses. Haha! You should meet my one friend. Every second word she says has something to do with horses. You two would get along great! Nice post btw!

Enjoy your day!

20 07 2010
horse for sale

That’s a great pic! I love the irony of the old and traditional verses the new and modern.

9 12 2010

What a funny photo, those who have a horse and a cart just have a try, lol.
For horse lovers, I find some saddle pads made of wool wonderful, just come here to have a look at, kieffer, Germany DT are here too.

19 01 2011

love the topic, I had fun reading it coz I’m a horse lover too but just a beginner one so right now I just keep on collection information that would be helpful for me in my new love.

20 01 2011

HAAHAHA good photo i recently sold my horse overseas, the last thing i did on him was to ride him through the McDonalds drive through in a halter bareback at the international airport, right before i had to load him on the plane!!

2 02 2011
Horse Lessons by Annabelle

This is awesome! I actually laughed out loud.

4 02 2011
Equestrian Horses

Somebody should send this one to Mcdonald’s. Might be the beginning of a great commercial!!

16 03 2011

that’s beautiful – i remember when i got my first horse in the San Francisco Bay Area and realized it was legal to ride on the streets. Made getting to certain trail heads so easy (-:
Now i’m a farrier for 20 years – have a 100% success ratio, not one lame horse due to the methods of shoeing i use.
Everyone keep riding – keeps you healthy
John “TheFootDoctor” Silveira

3 04 2011
Valerie Blythe

I love it! Near my home I used to see two girls take their horses through the drive-thru at Dairy Queen. I even saw a man on horseback leading a pack horse in the middle of the city!

28 08 2011

Just found your blog & am enjoying it very much! Love this pic!!

5 10 2011
Sally Pike

This is awesome…love it…But now I think its only fair that the horse eat as well…and how about this? I thought they were great, such a brilliant idea. They’re called “The Better Bucket”…it’s about time something like this was made…. Check out the short video clip at

Let me know if anyone has tried them and what you think!

21 12 2011
Lauren G

What a cool photo! Who says horses are only running on the ranch? They can run you to McDonalds too!

25 01 2012

Please check out
a site made for horse lovers just like you!

27 01 2012

Haha, I love this photo! I wanna go through a drive through with a horse. That would be pretty fun to see the employees reaction!

12 02 2012
Sandie Hardman

I think having a horse and buggy is the way to go. We may see much more of these types of pictures as our economy changes. We have a few and it is good to know we will always have some help around the farm if you can’t get gas. Yha horse power!

24 03 2013
jacqueline smalley

I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. You have some brilliant pictures and posts on there – especially loved the Romanian horse outside McDonalds.
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I’m contacting you to ask if you would mind mentioning us in your blog. I have a few paragraphs of information about the company if you would like to look at this. My email is

12 05 2013

Reblogged this on M. B. Scully and commented:
Can I go to Romania?

17 10 2015
Margaretha M

Here in the south of France we are seeing horses in the vineyards more and more often – a very welcome sight – though not that often on the roads yet…

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