Shire horses racing…to the brink?

26 06 2013


The Express (UK) reports that Shire horse numbers have dropped to an alarming low in their native Britain. While the Shire Horse Society takes steps to preserve the breed, a comment at the bottom of the article caught my eye:

The revelation comes ahead of a shire horse race to be held at Lingfield Park racecourse in Surrey.

On June 15, eight shires will take to the track in Britain’s first professional race over two furlongs.

The Showerking Flying Feathers Maiden Stakes was won by Joey; video here:




2 responses

21 07 2013
Christine Meunier

My goodness – I can’t imagine them racing! Such a lovely breed.

20 11 2015

Ohhhh how entertaining! I loved it! I hope it’s not offensive that I found it somewhat humorous seeing them race a whole 2 furlongs. I was just wondering how they convinced them they needed to run but I suppose a simple bucket of grain would motivate the beautiful giants. I do hope they get ample support for preserving the breed!

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