Defrost Indoors is the pseudonym of an overeducated, underemployed horse fanatic in Kingston, Ontario. You can contact the author at defrostindoors@gmail.com. Suggested stories and reciprocal links are always welcome! (except any sites condoning or promoting misinformation or animal mistreatment)

Also, I hate to be a bitch about it, but if you ask for a reciprocal link and don’t put up one to Bridlepath after a reasonable amount of time, your link is coming down. I don’t mind linking to people at all, but I do get a lot of requests and they never seem to be reciprocal….

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24 responses

10 10 2006

Hi there,

i was gonna link to ur site. Is that ok?


10 10 2006

I’d love that! Thanks very much. 🙂

28 11 2006

Your site is great! I have a new site too, and I am going to add a link to bridlepath. Please consider adding my site: http://MemphisHorses.blogspot.com to your Horse Blog list too. Thanks!!

28 11 2006

Thanks Ashlee! I’ve added your site.

5 12 2006
Shelby Weeks

Found my story Charlie Feathers posted here. Nice to see someone liked it that well. If you want more, I’ve got about 75 short stories published in various magazines –everything from rodeo riders to dressage riders -think I’ve written on most disciplines.
Shelby Weeks

8 12 2006
Gene Gage

I liked your site. Love the hot walker and the cat. Sooooooooooo cute.


22 02 2007

I love horses and I love your site. I’m linking to it! 🙂 if that’s okay.

22 02 2007

Okay?! I’d love it! Thanks, and I’ll add you too.

Some people *cough* have asked for a link without providing one back, so I’ll be taking them off the blogroll anyway…

17 03 2007


I’ve nominated your blog as a Thinking Blog because I like it and it deserves wider attention. Go to my blog to see it. Tried to email yuou but it didn’t go through.

If you want to link, let me know


17 03 2007

Hi Damian,

Wow! I really appreciate that. 🙂 I’m not sure why defrostindoors@gmail.com wouldn’t work–sorry about that!

10 04 2007
Stable Manager

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Again, I invite you to visit MyTackRoom.netand create a profile and please help get the word out by writing about us on your blog!

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.
The MyTackRoom.net Team


10 04 2007

When was your site copyrighted????

4 05 2007

I think we may have a language problem.
Could you, please, explain what a “markup” is?
(It appears on your email form, above.)
I have been trying to submit really interesting NON-spam information to you for years, with no results. (?)

4 05 2007

“Markup” is HTML coding; the form wants just plain text. 🙂 You can email me directly at defrostindoors@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon!

16 05 2007
Have you seen Stormy? « Bridlepath

[…] About […]

12 06 2007

I wanted to thank you again for all the help you provided both with your advice and by posting a link to my blog. People still come from your link. I will be including your link in my blogroll. Thanks again.

14 11 2007

Hi there – I just started my own blog two days ago (more from a handicapping/horse racing enthusiast standpoint) and would love to link/blogroll with you if that is agreeable?

Feel free to check out my blog at:

Like I said, it’s more racing related, but as a lover of horses you may find my article on Curlin interesting, as well as the youtube video I made of him. Suffice to say that as much of a tough guy as I try to be, I weep like a child when he is defeated. I don’t think I’ve even loved my own pets as much as I love him.

5 03 2008


14 12 2010


7 11 2008

Interesting site- just found it. Would love to link up and more than willing to link back to you. Going there now to do just that- feel free to stop on by my site.

3 12 2008

Hi! Visited your site via my pal enlightenedhorsemanship and I’m hooked. I put a link to your site on mine, but I certainly won’t feel slighted if you don’t reciprocate. There’s not much of a theme to my blahg. It’s on Random. 🙂

At any rate, I love your blog. Just wanted you to know.

1 03 2009
susan williams

Hi there! Would love to do the reciprocal link with you. This is a great blog you have! My site is about the ramblings of an equine artist.

Please visit at:http://www.windhorseone.blogspot.com/ and I am already on my way to create a reciprocal Blog link!

Thanks in advance and keep up the great job!

30 07 2009


Very interesting site. I fell upon your article entitled Equine prodigies: Clever Hans, Lady Wonder, and Beautiful Jim Key. It was excellent and extremely well written.

Seàn D Rafter

16 01 2011

My name is Phyllis Waltman and I have just published a photographic story of a wild mustang family in northern Wyoming on BLM land entitled ‘Sunny Boy and Little Sunny’. The book is about the first day in the life of a wild mustang baby. This is a wonderful story inspired by my first hand experience with a wild mustang herd. To see excerpts from the book check out my website at http://www.artforthehorselover.com. Thanks! Phyllis Waltman

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