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5 05 2008

The elements

Isn’t that one of the most arresting horse photos you’ve ever seen? It was taken by Wojtek Kwiatkowski; see a bigger version here along with more of his fantastic work.

And, er, um, hi again. 🙂 Yeah, I’m back, and I do plan and sticking around for a bit this time; I’ve got several articles I’m researching at the moment, which will be posted in due course along with the usual drivel and filler. 😉 Might even be a book giveaway/contest in the future! It was gratifying to see that even while I was away, Bridlepath was still garnering several hundred (or more) hits a day; thank you all for reading it, adding it to your blogroll, telling your friends and so on. I’m catching up on updating my links, so if you asked for one, it will appear. Soon. Ish.

A few people have asked me about the header image I’m using. It’s The Horse Fair (1853-55) by French artist Rosa Bonheur. The full painting is below; click to embiggen.

So, now that I’m back…anything I should know about? What would you like to see more of? Less of?

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Equine blog roundup

28 08 2007

Procession, originally uploaded by MaiKoh.

A quick look at what’s happening in the equine blogosphere:

Kimberly at I Gallop On shares a horsewoman’s secret

Barn Goddess has some great photos (bonus: palomino!)…

Rising Rainbow at MiKael’s Mania reveals five things we didn’t know about her

Jerri at Learning Horses offers five reasons to watch someone else ride your horse

Jane Savoie has twelve things you must know about putting your horse on the bit…

petArtistWithPeaches muses on the joys of peastone gravel

Deanna at Improving Communication Between Horse and Rider schools us on relative space

Fran Jurga reports on what (or who) might be behind the latest outbreak of equine influenza in Australia…

Fugly Horse of the Day has some sobering auction results (take the polls while you’re there, too!)…

Two contests at Karen’s EasyCare blog: Name the new EasyCare boot and a video competition

Transylvanian Horseman has some tips for spotting princesses in your midst…

There are plenty more great blogs in my sidebar; check ’em out! If you’ve got a site you’d like to see on Bridlepath, I’m all ears…

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Information wants to be free…

19 08 2007

Ataturk on horse, this is momument to the Turkish War for Independence, originally uploaded by meiguoren.

Even in Turkey. Especially in Turkey. Digg this (pun intended) by my sister blogger-in-arms Raincoaster: WordPress is blocked by Turkey(s): a blogger’s revenge plan of action.

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Oh man, I am in LOVE

16 08 2007

with Fugly Horse of the Day:

This blog exists to object publicly to the breeding of fugly, often mixed breed horses which tend to have short, miserable lives and wind up in slaughterhouses. If you are not going to breed quality, don’t breed at all. It is not “cute” to have a cowhocked, knock kneed, fugly draft/QH/warmblood cross foal that you don’t do shit with and then dump for $150 at a killer auction as an unhandled two year old that runs people over. I see it ALL the time and I am SICK of it. If you do this, YOU SUCK. And that’s why I’m online bitching about you. Stop breeding the fugly, folks. There is no market for it. And if you don’t know what fugly is, read this blog and learn. My e-mail is and I am usually way behind on e-mail, so don’t be offended if you do not get a response right away.

Another advocate of RESPONSIBLE breeding, hooray! Sometimes cruel but always on target. Go bookmark it NOW. (Found via Carinya Park)

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Bridlepath’s Hall of Shame: Gene Parker

Starving horses were part of an unusual breeding program

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Normal service resumes

12 08 2007

Yeah, I’m back (please don’t ask me where I’ve been, the important thing is I’m here now 😉 ). Ye gads, who let all the spammers in? You equestriancupid and country furniture people are on very thin fscking ice at the moment, peeps; just thought I’d let you know that.

Anyway, my apologies. We’re back! What’d I miss?

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Next Horse Lovers Blog Carnival will be at the end of July

21 06 2007

Joys of Water, originally uploaded by sagetopaz.

Herewith, an announcement from chief carny Mona at HorseApproved:

I just wanted to announce that we will not be having the Horse Lovers Blog Carnival this month. I am going to try and regroup for next months carnival and give it more attention than I have these past months.

The next carnival will be at the end of July.

Start working on those submissions NOW, and we’ll keep you updated as to the host and theme (if any).

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You worry me sometimes

20 06 2007

Here are some of the search terms people used to find Bridlepath:

equestrian riders dirty tight

can you kick a shetland pony to death?

women who love using whips

Ugly American Saddlebred

stalion mounts

naked horse ride

sexual intercourse

Who are all the people looking for pictures and videos of horses mating? And why would they think I’d have them?

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I don’t wanna know. Well, maybe I do

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